Wednesday, May 10, 2017


"Don't cry over a guy for more than 5 minutes with whom you don't see yourself with in the next 5 years."

(I exaggerate a bit on the previous sentence but what I want you to get the point is that do not cry outloud over someone  who u see no future with.)

A lil' diclaimer before I begin : I am NO love expert but I do know how to move on from "the past" in a blink of an eye. (No joke. Ask any of my closest friends if u doubt it.  LOL)  
So yeah, I'm gonna share with you guys how my mindset works whenever I am faced with "the situation" to move along the road.

I'm aware that it may be really challenging for SOME people to stop their "pity party".
It may be the hardest thing to move on from their past.
What I mean by "past" here is a person.

The question is, 
Why we should NOT let "the pity party" consume too much of our time?
Why we should move on when it feels so good to cry our asses off and blame ourselves for what happened?
Cause you know what, it's not your fault.
The past is the past.
The past never changes.
And everything happens for a greater good.
Trust me I know u prolly think it's so cliche.
But this ain't bullshit yo. This is the truth.


First of all, self-pity is a choice. It's NOT something that u can't change.
ALTHOUGH as I've mentioned before, it may be FREAKING HARD for some people to get over with.

Deep inside you know you can choose to cry your eyes out 
 you can also choose to rise above the circumstances and see the good thing in whatever just happened.

Secondly, the longer time you take to self-pity, the more exhausted you'll be.
And crying outloud while hoping that "the person" from the past will come back DOESN'T HELP at all and WON'T change a thing.
Other than that, it will distract you from doing whatever it is that you've been working on at the moment. You will lose you focus on the legit important things in life.

And lastly, don't forget to learn from it.
Don't just let the past go to a waste. Pick at least a lesson or two and move forward.

For God's sake, there are millions of guys out there.
Even the loyal and nice ones do still exist and maybe you just haven't met the "right" one.

So why cry over someone who's not in your life anymore?
Why let it consume you?


To cry over someone who doesn't deserve your time, chances are, it will only make your life miserable
NEVER blame the circumstances for our place in life cause we are always in control of our lives.
We can do whatever we want whenever we want to.

Another tips :
If you wanna cry, go ahead and cry for the whole night.
Accept the fact that he is not in your life anymore.
Think about the reasons why it has to be over. 
(use your logical mind to THINK rather than mere feelings/emotions)
But the next day, be the new person with great energy and vibes.
Be happier than ever that now you can have the chance to start a new journey and who knows you might meet "the one"! (or not. lol)

It's time to move on!

with love,

Bliss Of Endearment


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