Monday, April 17, 2017

cause I'm simply a human

claria christy


I do things that I'm not proud of
I say things that I'm not supposed to say
I judge people from their appearances
I befriend only with certain people that I want to

I fight with my sister over a very small and stupid matter
I talk shit about "that certain person" (oh don't judge me! I know u do too sometimes!)
I only do good to nice people and those I love

this Sunday I go to church 
the next Sunday I don't (lol. I'm being honest here)

I do good things
I do bad things
this day I'm beyond happy
the next day I'm just not in the mood to do anything for no reason

and that's okay.

because I'm simply a human.

a human who has flaws.

a human who does stupid and crazy things once in a while. (btw, doing so is so much fun!)

a human who makes mistakes.

just like the rest of 7.5 billion of human population in the world 


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