Friday, March 17, 2017

To begin with...

claria christy

Firstly, let me say hello to y'all and thank you for clicking onto my new blog!
If you haven't already know, I live in Jakarta, and currently in my second year of university. (yay! halfway to go to graduation)

Being raised by my loving and amazing parents is the one thing that I feel blessed the most. I also have an older sister. And despite the times we fight and lowkey hating each other everytime we fight (which is very often. no kidding. haha), I love her deeply (yikes. even now that I'm typing this, it makes me wanna puke). But seriously tho. Still love her.
To be honest, my whole life, I've never enjoyed studying.  But I still managed to maintain my grades throughout the years in school and now in university.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to study abroad.So long story short, one fine day, I was finally able to convinced my parents to send me abroad to Vancouver, Canada to finish my high school diploma. (I was only 16 at that time.) Why Canada you ask? Why not Singapore or Australia or any other countries that are closer to Indonesia?Well, it's because you can't find as many Indonesians in Canada as you will find in those other countries. Yup. I was looking for the place where least Indonesian students choose study at.

Fast forward to after high school graduation.It all started at the time when I realized that I will eventually go back to Indonesia for good, that finally made me change my mind and decided to go back to Indonesia. And this time for good.It was the hardest decision that I've made in my entire life.I had to leave all my friends along with the beautiful mountains, and those friendly people in Vancouver. Twas all so sudden. Still missing all my friends ‘till this very day cause I haven’t had the chance to visit Vancouver since then :(

At least, there are couple things or so that I've learned back then that make me appreciate the things I now have more than ever. First, NEVER take your parents' advices and existence for granted. You WILL miss them when they're not around and to be honest, you will miss their "annoying nags" too. Secondly, appreciate the little things that you have around you. Those things include drivers, maids, and ofc LOCAL TRADITIONAL FOODS in your hometown. 

Enough with the educational background, now let’s move on to the next thing.
Alongside with most of the girls in the world do, I love shopping, I love getting my skin tanned, I love going to coffee shop and having long-deep conversations with my closese friends. I also love binge watching chick flicks, and lastly, sometimes I go to the gym (just when I’m feeling to. can be twice a week or even not even once in a month). Other than that, I can play classical piano (pretty good I can say) and also violin.
Hope this “essay” helps you to get to know me better.
Toodles y’all! Hope you're having a great day!

- Claria Christy


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