Friday, March 17, 2017

The So-Called Perfect Life

This morning as I was waking up, one thing got into my mind. It is that us, as humans, spend ridiculous amount of time thinking about "the thing(s)" that we think quote would make our lives perfect unquote. And without "that thing" our lives wouldn't be perfect enough. (again, the parameter of the so called perfect life is so ambiguous. set by ourselves. in our own delusional minds).
"It" can be any sort of things.

Some of us may think of "it" as the certain someone that would make our lives even happier if he/she is in it. While others, may consider "it" as the things that they hope they can afford to buy anytime they want.
As our society evolves, the exposure to the real world is growing more and more rapidly. We are exposed to many things that we may not have at the moment which left us wanting more and more... And the irony is, most of the time, we forget to appreciate the many things that are the most important in our lives.

But truth to be told, humans (including myself) always wanting more. We want and will want to have more and more and more...

So I was asking myself, what's the point of it all?


Let's think of it this way :

We want something, then after we got what we want, which we will eventually get bored of, we will want to have another thing to make our lives "perfect". And the cycle repeats itself over and over and over again...


That being said, I came to a conclusion.

Why don't we try to count the little things in our lives that we all have. AT LEAST FOR ONCE.Those include :

• the ability to inhale as many oxygen as we want while there are many others who are not as lucky as us, are in hospitals fighting their asses off to have another chance to inhale more oxygen to get into their lungs in order to live. (try to imagine if u were in their shoes! yeah. it's even scary to imagine.)

• the friends and family that we have around us who always love and support us which sometimes we take as granted.

• the house, the food, and the simplest little things that we can afford to buy whenever we want to. (remember, not many people are as fortunate as we are.)

The list goes on and on that I can't have enough time to spill 'em all on this blog post. And I believe u too! You can name 'em all by yourselves.

So I tried remind myself this morning. At least to be more appreciative towards the things that I already have. To be more positive even when difficulties came to me, and also, when I feel like I need more "things" to make my life "perfect".


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