Wednesday, March 29, 2017

am I wrong?

by Claria Christy.

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Cut to the chase :
So, about 5 days ago, when we're about to turn left on the intersection, suddenly an officer stopped our car. Btw, I was in the car with my cousin. She's the one who was driving at that time. (If you know me, it's because I don't drive that often. And tbh I don't enjoy driving at all. lol)
Our minds started to wonder wildly about what could possibly be the reason that made him had to (the officer) stopped us at that moment. We were in a total dismay and didn't know what to do. We're both like "oh my God, what should we do?" "Should we exchange our seat positions?"
Lemme break it down to you now.
First of all, my cousin is just only 16 years old. She is illegal to drive. And has no driving license. I mean, obviously.Second of all, most of the time, she drives so fast that it is even impossible for us to count how many times we almost hit another vehicle on the road.Lastly, it's no surprise that we had broken many traffic laws.

So yeah, that's pretty much why we were scared to the bone.
Anyways, it turned out that it's because of our car lights were off and it happened to be night time (around 7pm). So the officer said that "It is very dangerous to drive without your lights on at this time."
"Oh my, I totally forgot. I didn't notice that the lights were off because we just got out from the mall and the road itself is not that dark." my cousin utter these words as she spoke in nervousness.

I tried to explain to the officer that we usually turn the lights on and it's the first time we forgot (for real tho. I wasn't lying.) and as well as convinced him that it won't happen again in the future. Hopeful. And still wishing that he would just let us drive away as if nothing happened.
But he gotta do what he gotta do. So he asked for my cousin's driving license. And yeah, she doesn't has one, so she told the officer that she left it at home (while still pretending to look for one inside her purse).
Briefly, the officer took our vehicle registration (STNK) and gave us a ticket. (in Bahasa it's called "surat tilang")

Just FYI, I left my driving license and my card identity at home. Yup. Clumsy me.
So we broke two laws at once and has to pay double the amount.
Now you ask, why tell us this story bish?
Well, what actually matter is not the ticket that was issued to me, cause it's not that big of a deal.But more so the way I responded is what got me thinking.
I (or "us" I might say) tried to escape the consequences that we(me and my cousin) have to take by breaking those laws (not having driving license, speeding, forgot to turn the car lights on).And to be frankly, ever since I got my driving license, I can be considered as one of those drivers who do not obey the traffic laws. I used to park wherever I want to. speeding alldayerrday. etc. etc. (so embarassing I know. lol)But thankfully that this thing happened so that I can open "my eyes" and start doing the RIGHT thing for once. At least, by starting to obey the traffic laws.
IF the officer didn't stop us, I wouldn't even feel guilty at all by lowkey encouraging my cousin to drive illegally, speeding, etc etc
IF the officer didn't stop us, who knows what could've happened to us by not turning our car lights on and speeding at the same time. On Saturday night. A 7pm. We could've been hit by a car or even worse.
Thankfully the officer stopped us.Even though it didn't feel very pleasing at the time, but now that I'm thinking about it, I actually have to thank him a lot. Like, a lot.

The point is, in every situation in our lives, we always have something positive to be thankful for.

Now, why don't we start each and every new day with a new mindset to do the "right" thing.In life, we're all given the "free will" to make any decisions that we're willing to take. It's all in our hands. What do we want to do with our lives. It's all in our control. Start by doing SMALL THINGS.So let's make "it" right.Starting NOW.Be positive.Smile to strangers you meet on the street.Say nice things to people who are having bad days.Help those in needs.Spread the love.You'd be surprised of what "doing nice things" could bring back to you.
Lastly, let's hope that there's no officer will stop my car again in the future.


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Disclaimer : I'm not saying that I always do the "right thing" every single day. I'm a human being. I do GOOD and BAD things. I'm still learning myself and trying to remind myself each and every freakin day to make the right decisions as well as being positive. But here I'm trying to remind myself by writing this to y'all.


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